Front of House

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You may wonder why we designate FoH as its own "application". This is because FoH (Front of House) is that critical. After all, the people responsible for making a production run smoothly and well are here!


FoH is often where the sound is mixed, but in many applications, this location is where the lighting and video folks are too. In our view, this position or space couldn't be more important.


This typically-ignored space can make or break events. As we design systems, great attention is paid to this space, including:

  • Site-Lines - FoH must be high enough to see the stage over the audience and have a good view of all they are trying to manage

  • Size - The space must be big enough for operators to move around without interrupting each other.

  • Acoustics - To mix sound well, this space should "sound" like the average audience seat. Location and acoustical treatments help achieve making FoH "sound" correct.

  • Conduits - Access panels, chases and termination points will greatly affect how much the install costs and how easy it is to service.

  • Noise - Fan noise from hardware can be a huge distraction and problem. Equipment placement is very important.


As a design philosophy, we go for the ultra-modern, clean, and minimalist layout. This type of layout reduces fan noise, power needs, cable clutter, and additional hardware. Together, all this makes the entire system more reliable with fewer failure points and keeps it simple for an all-volunteer team.


Our team members, both individually and together, have significant theatrical backgrounds and have spent many hours at FoH themselves. You'll definitely see this experience in our work. Whether your FoH is small, or for a large 5,000 seat auditorium, we will work with you to make sure that every part of the system is fine-tuned to make your productions as clean, easy, and smooth as possible.


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