Ridge AV has the knowledge and experience necessary to make any design a reality. We are professional builders of our own system designs as well as those designed by others.


Areas of Expertise:


  • Cable Pulls

  • Terminations

  • Rack Dressing

  • Rigging

  • Programming

  • Configuration

  • Troubleshooting


Our installers are seasoned industry professionals who build AV Systems to design specifications and are armed with the latest training and tools to get the job done. They are educated, factory-trained, Avixa Certified, OSHA savvy, and building code compliant.


We take pride in our work and understand that a systems' reliability is dependent on how well it was installed. Cable dressing and connector terminations that may never be seen are as critical to the success of a system as the big, impressive hardware that everyone notices.


Ridge AV invests in our staff with formal training and industry certifications from manufacturers and Avixa.

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