Churches, Performing Arts Centers, Gyms, Multi-purpose Buildings, Portable Lighting

Lighting is one of the most under-utilized elements of an AV System, yet offers so much for the price. This is true in business applications as much as it is for stages.

Good lighting:

  • Prevents eye-fatigue

  • Is Required to make any camera produce quality images

  • Can change a person's disposition and mood

  • Evokes Emotion

  • Changes an environment

Don't limit these potential advantages to a theatrical stage, good lighting can do the same for lobbies, hallways, public spaces and a building's exterior.

Ridge AV boasts two lighting specialists who know how to design and deliver excellent lighting systems. We pride ourselves on our skill in tying theatrical lighting into architectural lighting with a single elegant, reliable, control system that can be run using touch screens, keypads, smart phones and laptops.


Theatrical Fixtures

Architectural Fixtures

Lighting Consoles

Truss & Pipes

Optical DMX Splitters

DMX Gateways

Occupancy Sensors


Technical Factors

Electrical Loads


Brightness Levels






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