OPT-1 Rack It Up


If you need more network and power connections along with some storage room for streaming cables and adapters, then this is an ideal solution. We took an 8-space portable rack case with wheels and loaded it up with storage and connections. Two rack spaces are available for other add-on products. There are 10 front-facing electrical outlets that are all surge protected and a custom plate with 5 front-facing network ports on it. A 2RU Rack Drawer can secure all your cabling.


Rack It Up includes:

  • Gator G-Force Tour 8-Space Rack with Wheels

  • 2-Space Rack Drawer

  • 1-Space Utility Shelf

  • (2) 1-Space Rack Blanks

  • Middle Atlantic Basic Surge Protector

  • Middle Atlantic Multi-Mount Rack Power

  • Netgear 5-port LAN Switch

Rack It Up

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