OPT-7 Interview Lighting


If you plan on shooting in smaller areas or doing interviews, this 3-Fixture Lighting Kit is the right tool for the job. This kit includes hard and soft fills with just about every accessory you need to do great lighting. It comes complete with all the accessories for setting up a softly-lit scene to make your cameras look amazing.


This package includes:

  • (3) 765-UM 600-Watt Quartz Lights
  • (3) DYH 600-Watt Quartz Halogen Lamps
  • (1) 711 4-Leaf Barndoors
  • (1) SBC2432 24 in. x 32 in. Soft Box with Mounting bracket
  • (1) 45 in. Black-backed White Umbrellas
  • (1) FH1 Filter Holder
  • (1) Rainbow Filter Pack
  • (3) Raven RS8 8 ft. Black Aluminum Light Stands
  • (1) SoftCase on Wheels
  • (1) Lighting Guide: Imaging with Light


Interview Lighting

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