Our approach to sound system design ensures high-quality sound and delivers the very best hardware performance. To achieve this level of performance, every Ridge AV design is based on 3 principles:

  1. Fundamentals - Understand your goals, culture, and style, as well as the skill levels of your staff.
  2. Engineering - Good sound always begins with math, measurements, and predictive modeling. 
  3. Experience - A design is incomplete without an experienced ear to tune a room and make it sound great.

A great system doesn't just sound great, it is safe. We take great care to ensure overhead loads are safe as possible by exceeding industry safety standards and ratios. 

Our audio solutions aren't limited to the stage, Ridge AV designs and installs sound systems for a variety of applications and venues:

  • Background music
  • Lobby
  • Sound masking
  • Broadcast mix suites
  • Conference room
  • Video conferencing

Did you know that many churches will buy a sound system and then upgrade 2-3 times in order to "get it right?" This dreadful reality illustrates an embarrassing waste of money and degrades your ability to connect with an audience.

Our mission is to end this wasteful practice by taking the time to listen and evaluate each project so that we deliver the best sound system possible - the first time. We will never just eyeball a space and quote a solution. Each project is unique so we combine experience with modeling and industry standards to determine what the best solution is for a given application.