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Ridge AV excels in delivering quality sound systems, which is no small claim in a city that calls itself the music capital of the world. Sound systems can include a variety of speakers, from line arrays, front-fills, and monitors, to point source, ceiling and near-field monitors. Designing a quality sound system that performs at its full potential involves 3 things:


  1. Planning. We ask lots of questions to understand your goals, expectations, and your style of musicality, and we never spec a system over the phone or by simply looking around the space.

  2. Engineering. Its all about math, measurements, and modeling. The technical skills required to design and build great sound systems begins with a solid technical foundation. Understanding how to measure, adjust and manipulate sound in time and space requires formal education and experience. Additional skills and experience are needed to know how to properly install a sound system, from proper loading of amps and electrical power to structural rigging.

  3. Ear. While it takes an engineer to design a quality sound system to specification, a trained ear is required to make it all come together and sound great. Such an ear is few and far between. It is an ear forged by years of experience on a variety of sound systems with a variety of styles in a variety of venues.


Understanding these 3 components of a great sound system means we will never quote a system without having first modeled it to determine what does and doesn't work and what hardware is best for the project.


Finally, Ridge AV is a safety-first company. We take every precaution and exceed building codes and standards when it comes to flying hundreds or thousands of pounds of hardware above your head. Designing safe systems is an absolute to ensure your congregants, customers and staff are safe underneath these heavy loads.






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