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Theatrical and Presentation Systems

Ridge AV specializes in custom audio, video, lighting, and control systems for the church and corporate markets. Our solutions create environments that help our clients communicate and collaborate more effectively.



Ridge AV's custom commercial AV solutions have a wide variety of applications that fit most budgets.


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AVL systems within churches are unique - ranging from small to mega, from contemporary to liturgical. Worship venues are increasingly theatrical and use complex systems yet still rely on volunteers to "make Sunday happen". We get it. We know the challenges, the high expectations, and the gravity of the message.

Designing and building AVL systems for churches is more than a "project", it is participating in the vision and calling of the church and helping them be good stewards of their resources. You'll find Ridge AV to be a trusted partner in ministry.

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Presentation systems greatly affect how well an organization can communicate with customers and collaborate with staff. They range from highly sophisticated systems to basic tools for communication. We design and install business AV systems for lobbies, huddle rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, and public spaces. Systems range from presentation displays and sound systems to digital signage and video-conferencing.

The successful implementation of any presentation system is largely based on how easy the system is to use, so control and automation are key design elements. We strive to create user-interfaces that require virtually no training to operate.


AV and lighting systems for schools are critical components of auditoriums, performance spaces, gymnasiums, and classrooms. They ensure that everything from educational content and announcements, to assemblies, plays and presentations, are communicated clearly and professionally, leaving students, staff, and parents feeling proud.

AV Systems for schools must be very intuitive to use as they are often run by non-technical staff, teachers, and students. We help clients get the most out of each dollar spent on AVL Systems and ensure a low cost of ownership.

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