Even well designed systems need support to ensure they remain at peak performance and deliver what you paid for. Wear and tear, utility issues, configuration changes, or malfunctions are just some of the reasons that service is needed on new and old systems alike. Ridge AV will gladly provide service for any system, whether we built it or not!

We strive to minimize your downtime with as needed service calls. For mission critical systems, however, a more formal Support Program can be a better choice. Support Programs are loaded with beneficial features including regular maintenance visits, guaranteed response times and a "Flex Hour"program. This program allows you to use included hours for virtually any AV related need, from troubleshooting and programming to installation and even presentation support - for those special meetings where you'll sleep better knowing a trained technician is on hand to run the AV systems and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Unlike many other support programs out there, which are basically expensive disaster insurance policies to cover worst-case scenarios, our programs are focused on preventative maintenance and loaded with features you'll actually use all year. Consider it a "wellness plan" for your AV system!

RIDGE AV Published Service Rates:

(2-Hour Minimum Per Onsite Visit)

General Labor









Carrier Rates

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